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Professional Hairdresser Supplies Online

We have been providing salon furniture and hairdresser supplies online for a number of years. Products are carefully selected from manufactures that are based worldwide. Our team is customer focuses who utilise their in-depth knowledge in business such as salon’s and barber shops. If you need help in select the right item, don’t hesitate in contacting us. You can contact us by using the contact form. 

Customer satisfaction is important to us as it is to you. So whatever you are buying check our shop first. We have massage beds, barber chairs, stools, waxing products, beauty equipment, and much more available. All this is at reasonable low prices. Buy from our range of products below. Also visit the clearance and deals section.

Barber Equipment & Chairs

Acros Barber Salon Styling Chair

£164.99 (ex. vat £137.49)
£99.99 £74.99 (ex. vat £62.49)
£7.99 (ex. vat £6.66)
£54.99 (ex. vat £45.83)

Equipment Parts

Basin Strainer

£4.99 (ex. vat £4.16)

Equipment Parts

Cameo Deluxe Sprayer

£26.99 (ex. vat £22.49)
£2.99 (ex. vat £2.49)
£39.99 (ex. vat £33.33)
£39.99 (ex. vat £33.33)

Equipment Parts

Chrome Basin Sleeve

£9.99 £7.99 (ex. vat £6.66)

Equipment Accessories

Chrome Salon Desktop Dryer Holder

£24.99 £15.99 (ex. vat £13.33)
£14.99 £11.99 (ex. vat £9.99)