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Hairdressing Salon Equipment Supplier

Large range of quality hairdressing salon equipment and furniture. Choose from a range of specifications and colours. We have chairs, desks, wash basins, styling units, trolleys, hair and nail dryers and much more, Use the categories on the left to navigate to our products.

Barber Equipment & Chairs

Acros Barber Salon Styling Chair

£164.99 (ex. vat £137.49)
£2.99 (ex. vat £2.49)
£39.99 (ex. vat £33.33)
£39.99 (ex. vat £33.33)

Equipment Accessories

Chrome Salon Desktop Dryer Holder

£24.99 £15.99 (ex. vat £13.33)
£14.99 £11.99 (ex. vat £9.99)
£104.99 £89.99 (ex. vat £74.99)

Salon Chairs & Stools

Cubix Pro Styling Chair in Black

£184.99 (ex. vat £154.16)